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For some, walking into the unknown can cause uncertainty. Others embrace the adventure with open arms. That’s why our youth Programs are flexible and take an individual approach in supporting your needs; instilling confidence through training and planning; taking time to help you evaluate the options and providing you with guidance to move in new directions.

Our Youth Employment Programs provide career exposure, work experience and support to Métis youth between the ages of 15 and 30.

Many of our youth go on to further training after clarifying a career choice through one of our youth Programs. All MTE Programs described in the Programs for Individuals section are available to Métis youth who have a solid career plan. And if you are a Métis youth with a disability, all our Programs for Persons with Disabilities are available to you too.

Métis Youth Summer Employment Program

Are you interested in finding a summer job that lets you investigate different career options and get paid for it? Are you planning to return to school in the fall? The Métis Youth Summer Employment Program provides a subsidy of 50% (up to minimum wage) of your wages to an employer who provides you with a job that is at least 8 weeks to a maximum of 16 weeks in length during the summer months. Don’t have an employer or career choice in mind? Our staff will be happy to help you with career planning and finding a suitable employment opportunity.

Métis Youth Career Internship Program

Have you completed training and have the certification employers want but can’t get a job? Stressed because employers pass you by? The Métis Career Internship Program provides a wage subsidy to employers who provide work experience for a Métis youth that is a secondary (grade 12) or post-secondary graduate and is experiencing difficulty making a successful transition into the labour market.

The employer may access a subsidy of up to 50% of your wages for a maximum of 26 weeks, depending on your individual career goal and the training plan developed with your employer. Start your career today! Approach your local MES and discuss your options.

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