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The only certainty in business today is that some crucial element of your growth strategy – the competitive landscape, your customers’ expectations, and the underlying fundamentals of the economy will be different tomorrow. In Alberta, things are moving very fast and companies need talented people who will contribute to expanding opportunities and future growth.

The MTE Program can help you find Métis candidates that match your current and future needs and link them up with opportunities to bring out their potential. We recognize that every organization’s employment needs and requirements are unique.

Métis Employment Services offers employers:

  • The opportunity to post company job openings on the MES Job Board and for possible circulation to selected community agencies within the targeted area.
  • Referral of qualified Métis clients that may help solve your labour shortages
  • Assessment of referred candidates to ensure qualified, motivated jobseekers
  • Continued support to referred clients that are placed with employers
  • Wage incentive Programs for employers who provide clients with career related work experience and training
  • Access to an employer resource library

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Métis Employment Services