Métis Training to Employment

The Labour Market Development Program formed by the Métis Nation of Alberta in 1999, was given the mandate to design and deliver labour market programs for non-Settlement Métis. After 15 years of successful labour market programming, the Métis Nation of Alberta is transferring responsibility for this activity to a newly created affiliate called Rupertsland Institute (RLI). Under RLI the Métis Training to Employment program (MTE) will continue to offer the same labour market programs and services currently available to Métis individuals.

RLI is signatory to a 4.5 year ASETS agreement (Aboriginal Skills, Employment, and Training Strategy) with the federal government. The RLI ASETS agreement is one of the largest in the country in terms of scope and funding, extending throughout the whole province of Alberta.

The MTE vision is “A Skilled Métis Labour Force.”

The MTE mission is “Métis clients will achieve self-sufficiency through training and employment.”

Métis Training to Employment Business Plan Goals for 2010 to 2015 include:

Goal 1 – Operational and Administrative Excellence

  • To ensure field operations and administrative practices are consistent with professional quality, integrity and results-based accountability.
  • Goal 2 – Client Self-sufficiency

  • To ensure clients receive effective counselling, quality employment assessments, relevant information and training supports that lead to sound decision-making, and a high probability for satisfactory employment outcomes in the future labour market.
  • Goal 3 – Strategic Partnerships

  • To develop and leverage program operations and strategic ventures with public and private-sector partnerships leading to positive client transitions in the labour market.
  • Goal 4 – Innovation, and Strategic Leadership

  • To create, market and develop Métis Training to Employment initiatives that demonstrate a fresh, bold approach to Aboriginal programming.
  • Goal 5 – Enhanced Program Performance

  • To develop the capacity to measure, evaluate and change program delivery, and to determine community and stakeholder satisfaction with Métis Training to Employment programs and services.
  • The MTE program has a multi-level structure designed to meet Métis peoples’ needs at the local and regional level with a decentralized service delivery system while at the same time promoting policy and expressing accountability through a centralized financial and program management network.

    MTE programs and services are delivered to clients through ten full time Métis Employment Services sites located throughout the province

    MTE Strategic Initiatives

    The Métis Training to Employment Program (formerly the Labour Market Development Program) enters into a wide variety of strategic initiatives and partnership arrangements every year. Here are some current highlights.

    KETO Client Data System

    In 2006 the Labour Market Development Program engaged KETO Inc to design a new client data system for the purpose of uploading information to the federal government on the results of client interventions undertaken by the LMD program. Since the introduction of KETO Client Data System, error- free data uploads have consistently been produced, thereby greatly increasing accountability reporting. Beginning in 2007 KETO Client Data System has also been the database of choice for eleven other Métis, First Nations and Inuit ASETS agreement holders, extending geographically across the country from Ontario to Inuvik.

    Métis Bursary and Awards Program

    The Métis Training to Employment program has extended funding to the Métis Education Foundation for the purpose of developing endowment agreements on a matching basis with Alberta Post Secondary Institutions having a high enrolment of Métis students. Current endowment arrangements exist with Grant MacEwan University, Norquest College, the University of Alberta, NAIT, and Portage College.

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